Success in creative industries depends upon creative thinking, dependability, and self-reliance. We run our workshops with these values in mind (similar to a film set), so that students get a chance to practice and develop these employabilty qualities in a safe, supportive environment. The transferable skills they learn as a result can then be applied to any job.


1) Problem Solving Skills: listening to understand and learn; reading, comprehending and using written materials; thinking critically and acting logically to evaluate situations, solving problems and making decisions; learning to access and apply specialized knowledge from various fields; and continuing to learn for life.

2) Social Skills: anger management; resolving conflict; working well with others; and developing a positive self-image.

The Impact

Why We Do It

3) Personal Management Skills: creating a budget; money management; maintaining a healthy diet; managing stress; and managing time.

4) Development of Positive Attitudes and Behaviours: self-esteem and confidence; honesty, integrity and personal ethics; a positive attitude toward learning, growth and personal health; and initiative, energy, and persistence to get the job done.

5) Personal Responsibility: the ability to set goals and priorities in work and personal life; the ability to plan and achieve goals; accountability for actions taken; adaptability; a positive attitude toward change; and the ability to identify and suggest new ideas to get the job done—creatively.

6) Teamwork Skills: understanding and contributing to a group's goals; understanding and working within the culture of the group; planning and making decisions with others and supporting the outcomes; respecting the thoughts and opinions of others in a group; exercising "give and take" to achieve group results; leading where appropriate; and mobilizing the group for high performance.


"I barely had anything to show on my resume, and no confidence to pursue the one thing I loved. They gave me the tools and the positive environment I needed to jumpstart my passion for art and discover skills I never knew I had."

      - Pedro

"They helped me get back on my feet after a depressive psychotic break and one of the hardest times in my life. Their continued support, training and focus on future job opportunities has set me up for my current employment at Urban Native Youth Association and has resulted in now one of the most stable periods in my life."

      - J


Through our consultation and by experiencing our programming first-hand, you will gain the tools to:

1) Increase student buy-in.

2) Increase student motivation and confidence.

3) Improve the ability to excite and encourage students.

4) Engage students in deeper learning and collaborative processes.

5) Measure learning outcomes, student progress, and attendance.

6) Embark on a life-long creative process.

"It had a profound impact on my life, while reinforcing my sense of self worth. Now I can actually say I work full time. It is a very empowering feeling to say I love my job and my life. All this is thanks to their amazing team."

      - Nathan