Every client's needs are different. Once we've understood how we can best help you, will run a workshop with you (at your place or ours). The workshops can run a few hours... or several weeks. There is no one size-fits-all solution to each client; however, there are some common characteristics to our workshops:

1) We look at art and watch films. We share case studies by presenting extraordinary art and film projects created by some of our past participants. These are the works of first-time filmmakers and artists whose lives were transformed as a result of participating in a passion-based learning program such as ours. We share anecdotes, experiences and success stories from our work within educational institutions, correctional settings, and the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

2) You learn to draw, write scripts, make films, etc. We then “teach the teachers” by having you experience a hands-on, condensed version of our custom-designed curriculum.

3) We show you what equipment and supplies you’ll need, and how to use them.  We provide instructions are provided as to what you will need in order to deliver the program; we then follow up by providing technical and resource consultation after the workshop.


Your place or ours; we are a mobile team capable of consulting anywhere in the world, or through online webinars. And upon delivery of the program, we can provide followup consultations via video chat and remote computer control, enabling us to support, assist, interact, and collaborate with you from afar, year round.


We provide workshops for educators during Professional Development days, or through private, custom-length workshops at your convenience. To accomodate your schedules, we are available year-round, seven days a week.


The Workshops

What We Do


Our workshops are designed to engage and entertain: you experience what we do and how we do it, so that you can teach it to your own populations.

First, we determine what you are looking to accomplish: e.g., are you looking for a few simple creative engagement projects for your students, such as how to draw storyboards, then turn them into animations? Or how to write screenplays? Or how to edit video shot on their phones?

Or are you looking to develop an entire employability program that regularly brings in groups of young adults throughout the year, to help them develop confidence and employability skills through art and film?

Whatever you might need in order to creatively engage and empower your population, we can help.