Digital Media & Filmmaking Overview

You (and your students) will learn how to write, shoot and edit sophisticated videos. Throughout the training, we go over your technical needs and make sure that you are fully set up. We cover all bases:

• Computer Basics. A thorough exploration of the Macintosh computer: how to use it, customize it, and maximize its potential. Bring your own, or use ours to learn what you'll need to run your own workshops.

• Storytelling. Learning what makes a good story work. (Helps teach critical thinking).

Screenwriting. How to write properly formatted screenplays (both short films, and feature length stories).

Photography and Videography Basics. Learn the basics of still photography and videography.

• Editing. Learn the art and technology of editing.

Lighting Basics. Understand 3-point lighting, and how to make videos look great.

Digital Media Projects

Projects:  Animation - Message To Younger Self

The Project: Using basic drawing techniques (taught in the art-based portion of the programming), students learn to make simple animations, set to a recorded message to a younger (or older) version of themselves.

Outcome: This is where the students become their own storytellers, synthesizing the lessons learned in the technical part of the program (storytelling, editing, etc.).

Found Films

The Project:  Brainstorm an idea, then collect videos from YouTube and create a collage of clips revolving around that idea.

Outcome: familiarity with the editing process, and taking first steps towards becoming a communicator/storyteller.

Photo Montages

The Project: Collect photos (downloaded or original) and creating an effective montage.

Outcome: A useful skill to create photo montages for family, friends, and even potential clients.



Here are a few samples of the video projects we teach. Please note that all of the samples below were created by first-time filmmakers!